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Pre-seed to seed

  • Pre-Seed to Seed Stage — 1st Institutional Money


  • Size: ~$100k — $500k


  • Thoughtful Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology Implementation


  • Capacity to positively impact 10 million people or more


  • Ultra-scalable


  • Clear go-to-market strategy

  • Founder-Market Fit


  • Mission-Driven Team


  • Category Design Plan


  • Competitive Edge


  • Pre-seed: Checks $100k  to $250K, Valuation <$20M


  • Seed/ Pre-Series A: Checks $250k to $400k <$40M


  • Core Investments: Checks $500k to $1M <$100M


Equity preferred

- If a proprietary token is offered instead of equity, an undisputed reason for its existence is to be expected.

- The founders must be committed to measure the project's impact within a timespan of 5 years.

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